Internet can be a place full of opportunities and freedom for people who are specially challenged.

CEEILleida would like to demonstrate its commitment to social projects by eliminating barriers so that the web page can be accessible to everyone.

The web has been designed so that navigation throughout it is simple and easy to use for the great majority of users.

The CEEI Lleida web has achieved in the majority of its content level 2 accessibility protocol as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Spanish AENOR regulation UNE 139803:2004.

Following are some tips that might be of use.

Font size

Users have the possibility to enlarge the default font size. This is achieved by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ key while spinning the wheel on your mouse. If your mouse does not have a wheel, the same action can be realized by hitting the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ keys.
The font size can also be increased using the navigator menu:

  • Internet Explorer: clic on ‘view’ and choose the option ‘font size’ then ‘larger.’ By choosing ‘medium,’ the font size will be restored to the default setting.
  • Firefox: clic on ‘visualization’ and choose the option ‘font size’ then ‘increase.’ By choosing ‘normal,’ the font size will be restored to the default setting.
  • Opera: clic on ‘view’ and choose ‘scale.’ This option can increase or decrease the size of the page in increments of 10%, as for example 150% or 200%. Choose 100% to restore page to its default setting.
  • Safari: clic on ‘view’ and choose the option ‘make text bigger.’ To return to the default setting choose ‘make text smaller.’

Access keys

The access keys allow the user to jump quickly to certain pages or sections within the same page. The available access keys are:

  • ‘Alt’ + ‘s’ – jump to principal content of the page
  • ‘Alt’ + ‘0’ – accessibility page
  • ‘Alt’ + ‘1’ – Home page
  • ‘Alt’ + ‘3’ – Web map

See how to use the access keys on your navigator.

Other tools

  • Users that employ a screen reader will find at the top of the page a command called “jump to content” which allows the user to skip the navigation bar of the web and go directly to the beginning of the content.
  • The contents and functions of the web are accessible by keyboard for those people who don’t use a mouse.
  • This website uses style sheets (CSS) to control the structure and colours of the web. For this reason, users who employ their own style sheets can benefit from the contents of the web.
  • The pages within this website operate equally for those users that have JavaScript deactivated on their computer.

In order to better the accessibility and facilitate the use of this website, we invite you send us your opinions using the contact formulary.


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